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The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is a truly global organisation and, as well as working towards a collective goal, it operates as a body where people can meet with the shared aim of exchanging ideas and experiences but without paying the slightest attention to their cultural, geographical, political or religious differences. We come together under the banner of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale to protect all dogs equally, no matter where they come from or where on Earth they live.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
In Memoriam Stefanie “Steffi” Kirschbichler
Steffi Kirschbichler

It is with deep shock and dismay that the ÖKV Executive received the news of the passing of Steffi Kirschbichler. The ÖKV’s Vice-President for many years, she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in Salzburg on 3 January 2014.

Steffi Kirschbichler became involved in kynology through her husband, Richard who, as President of the Kynology Association for the State of Salzburg, had organised international dog shows since 1956. After his untimely death, Steffi then took over the leadership of the association and the organisation of the dog shows.

Her commitment to and knowledge of dog shows led to her being elected to the ÖKV Executive, where Steffi was to act as a consultant and adviser for shows and, later also for the studbook and the judging section. She was part of the organising team for major canine events, such as the World Dog and Euro Dog shows in 1976 (Innsbruck), 1986 (Tulln), 1996 (Vienna, Budapest) and 1999 in Tulln.

As Vice-President, she was, for many years, also the ÖKV delegate to the FCI General Assemblies, where she represented the ÖKV’s interests with her individual charm and a good measure of persistence.

As an all-round judge, Mrs Kirschbichler was not only invited as a guest to dog shows throughout the world; her opinion was also appreciated in international forums. She was dispatched to the FCI Judge and Show Commissions by the ÖKV and elected to the obligatory Standards Commission several times by the FCI General Assembly.

Breed fanaticism was something quite alien to her. Coming from the show area, she was also President of the Austrian Dalmatian Clubs and the Association of Swiss Mountain Dogs in Austria. At home, Steffi Kirschbichler cared for and bred dogs of the Hovawart, Dalmatian and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeds.

Her work was also acknowledged in the public arena. For example, she was awarded the Silver Order of Merit of the State of Salzburg and also held the Silver Salzburg City Seal award. Moreover, she was presented with the Golden Badge of Honour by the ÖKV General Assembly and, associated with this, Honorary Membership of the ÖKV.

With the passing of Steffi Kirschbichler, we have lost the Grande Dame of Austrian cynology. With her motto “Cynology is my life”, she will always remain an exemplary model for us together with the other prominent Austrian cynologists.

Dr Michael Kreiner
ÖKV President

The FCI welcomes one new contract partner
Logo of Kosova Kennel Club

The FCI General Committee has the pleasure to inform that a new national canine organisation has just signed a partnership contract with our federation:

  • the Federata Kinologjike e Kosovës (Kosova Kennel Club - KKC), whose president is Mr Saud Kajtazi

The Republic of Kosovo is thus joining the big FCI family now counting 89 members.

Welcome to our new contract partner!

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